Ruby based ETL pipeline with and Redshift

As the data requirements of our Business Intelligence team grow we’ve been leveraging’s IronWorker as our go-to platform for scheduling and running our Ruby based ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) worker pipeline.

Ruby Science

A book we've been working to help readers detect emerging problems in their codebases; we'll deliver the solutions for fixing them, and share some techniques for maintaining an application that will be fun to work on for years to come.

RailsConf 2013 Workshop

Adarsh Pandit and I will be presenting "Test-Driven
Development: Tools, Techniques, and Discipline" at RailsConf 2013. It will be
followed by a 45 minute hands-on workshop.

Uploading Files to S3 in Ruby with Paperclip

Many web applications enable the user to upload images and other files for storage
and processing. Paperclip is a cleanly abstracted Ruby library that reduces the
complexity of file uploading and processing.

How to test Sinatra based Web Services

Use and in-process testing approach, which means that the test suite is running in the same Ruby process as the web service. This eliminates the need to run an external HTTP web server.

ActiveModel Form Objects

Submitting form data is a common feature of web applications — allowing users to submit their information and giving them feedback whether the information is valid or not.